The Super boy


If there is one thing you get while at Super Boy’s, make it the namesake…

The Super Boy



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House Favourites

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    The Poutine

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    The Infamous Super Boy

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    The Chicken Strips

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    The Greek Salad

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    The Gyro

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    The Hot Dog

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    The Chili Fries


fries and such

Whether it’s a hearty serving of our award winning fries or mouth watering onion rings, finish off your burger or dog with the right side dish to make it a meal worth remembering.




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    The Twister

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    The Banana Split

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    The Ice Cream Cone


burger faded

Super Boy’s has been operating since 1985. Opened by Angelo Corantzopoulos and his family, Super Boy’s has been making world class food since it opened its doors.

Homemade is the key to everything they serve. From fresh burger patties to their home made fries, to their home-made chili, gravy and all their sauces—everything is made from scratch. And you can taste the difference!

Angelo has been joined by his daughter, Georgia Chouzouris, and son-in-law, Dino, in operating Super Boy’s. They maintain the same level of quality and service as they did back in 1985. What makes Super Boy’s a landmark is that it is more of a family restaurant than a burger shop. Mind you, the burgers are what people keep coming for.

Be sure to ask for a custom-sized burger. So far the record is a 9-patty Super Boy. Can you do 10?


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1480 Main St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2W 3W1

Tuesday to Saturday Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm

Monday and Sunday Hours: Closed

Phone: 1.204.589.8437

“You’ve tried the rest, now enjoy the BEST!”

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